About Us

We are a family deeply passionate about Filipino cuisine, embarking on a flavorful journey to deliver the finest street food and grocery items from the Philippines right to your doorstep. Based in Colorado, we understand the yearning for our favorite Filipino dishes—the ones that evoke a sense of nostalgia and home.

Our Story

As we traversed the country, we realized the uneven access to authentic Filipino cuisine. While some regions with sizable Filipino communities enjoyed easy access to our cherished flavors, others remained underserved. Driven by our love for our heritage, we set out to make a change.

Our Mission

Bringing Home Closer: We aim to provide every Filipino in America with easy access to the dishes they hold dear, from adobo to sinigang to ube, and street food favorites.

Sharing Our Culinary Treasures: Beyond serving our Kababayans, we strive to introduce the rich, diverse flavors of Filipino cuisine to a broader audience, sharing stories of tradition, love, and celebration.

Our Commitment

At Kalye Filipino, we uphold the pillars of quality, authenticity, and exceptional customer service. Your loyalty as a cherished customer guides us on this flavorful journey.

Thank you for partnering with us in our mission to bring a taste of home, and a slice of tradition to every table we reach. We are genuinely grateful for the opportunity to serve you, and we eagerly anticipate adding a touch of joy to your dining experience. 

We are Kalye Filipino -Bringing Filipino Flavor to Your Doorstep.