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Eng Bee Tin



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Eng Bee Tin Hopia Combo (Plain/Ube/Buko)

Indulge in a trio of flavors with our Hopia Combo! Crafted by Eng Bee Tin, a name synonymous with Filipino-Chinese delicacies, this delightful treat brings together three beloved fillings in one delectable pastry.

  1. Plain Hopia: A flaky exterior that encases a simple yet satisfying filling. The plain hopia is a timeless classics comforting blend of tradition and simplicity.

  2. Ube Hopia (Purple Yam): Dive into the velvety sweetness of purple yam. Each bite is like a warm hug from your favorite lola (grandmother). It's a harmonious fusion of nostalgia and flavor.

  3. Buko Hopia (Young Coconut): Experience the tropical delight of young coconut. The buko hopia features a delicate balance of sweetness and freshness, reminiscent of sunny afternoons by the beach.

Pack Size: Each box contains 150g of hopia goodness, ready to be shared or savored all by yourself.

Why choose Eng Bee Tin Hopia Combo?

  • Authenticity: Made from the finest quality ingredients, our hopia captures the essence of Filipino flavors.
  • Variety: Three flavors in one box perfect for those who love to explore taste combinations.
  • Tradition: Eng Bee Tin has been delighting generations, and this combo pays homage to our culinary heritage.

Whether you're enjoying it with a cup of hot tea or sharing it with loved ones, Eng Bee Tin Hopia Combo (Plain/Ube/Buko) is a delightful addition to any snack time. Order yours now and savor the magic!

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