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Mekeni Food Corporation

Mekeni Fish Ball 1kg

Mekeni Fish Ball 1kg

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If you are craving for a taste of the Philippines, look no further than Mekeni Fish Balls shipped to your door.

These are not your ordinary fish balls - they are flat, crispy, and chewy, just like the ones you can find in the streets of Manila.

Made from minced fish meat and carefully seasoned, these bite-sized balls are a tasty treat that will truly bring you home.

You can fry them until golden brown and enjoy them with your favorite dipping sauce, such as vinegar, sweet chili, or brown sauce.

Mekeni Fish Ball (FLAT) 1kg is made in the Philippines by Mekeni Food Corporation, a world-class food producer that offers authentic Filipino flavors and products to customers around the globe.

Quantities are limited so order now and experience the deliciousness of Mekeni Fish Ball (FLAT) 1kg

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