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Mekeni Food Corporation

Mekeni Kikiam (Fish Rolls)

Mekeni Kikiam (Fish Rolls)

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Enjoy the authentic taste of Filipino street food with Mekeni Kikiam (Fish Rolls) 250g. These are delicious fish rolls made from minced fish meat, flour, and spices, shaped into flat cylinders and coated with bread crumbs. They are easy to fry and cook in minutes, and can be served with vinegar or sweet chili sauce for dipping. You can also mix them with other Mekeni products, such as shrimp balls and fish balls, for a more varied and satisfying snack. Mekeni Kikiam (Fish Rolls) 250g are perfect for snacks or party events, or as a meal with rice or noodles. Mekeni Kikiam (Fish Rolls) 250g are made in the Philippines by Mekeni Food Corporation, a world-class food producer that offers authentic Filipino flavors and products to customers around the globe. Order now and experience the deliciousness of Mekeni Kikiam (Fish Rolls) 250g

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